The intersection of Taking-Media-Way-Too-Seriously Ave. and Not-Taking-It-Seriously-At-All Rd.

Sam might be a nerd, but Dean is most definitely a geek; Dean “It’s called anime and it’s an art form” Winchester. Sam takes academics very seriously and Dean watches and reads quite a bit of classic sci-fi/fantasy. Maybe it’s my inner trekker, but it makes me happy that Dean’s a bit of a trekker himself.

Interesting bit of trivia: Bobby was supposed to only have watched The Next Generation, not Deep Space Nine. Jim Beaver’s late wife, Cecily Adams had acted on Deep Space Nine, so he requested it be switched in the script. I thought this was a nice gesture and entirely appropriate, but I agree with the original script; Bobby is definitely a TNG type of guy. Further examining this, I’d say that the Sam would be much more of a DS9 fan than Bobby. He would enjoy all the politics and mythology/culture and appreciate the darker, more realistic tone. Lastly Dean, as expressed above, in the show, seems like a TOS fan. He would appreciate the corniness and idealism of the show. I also think he’s the most likely of the three to have watched at least significant portions of the other shows, thus have any sort of reference for comparison.

Gif source: cumberspock

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